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Office Building Insurance

Small or large, old or new we have a carrier that would like to provide office building insurance for you. Office buildings generally have low risk tenants as there are no manufacturing, habitation, or other accident prone occupants. This means that office building insurance can have some of the most favorable rates when it comes to commercial property insurance. Not all carriers are equal, certain companies such as Liberty Mutual, Travelers, Allied, LIG, and Mercury are eager to insure office buildings that are well kept with a solid claims history.


Owner Occupied: You own the building and the business that you operate occupies 100% of the building. Please make sure when requesting a quote  to let our agent know if you own the building in the same or different entity as your business.


Mixed Occupancy: You own the building and your business operates out of a portion and leases the other portion out.


Tenant Occupied: Commonly know as an LRO (Lessors Risk Only). You own the building and lease it to one or several other parties.

Office Building Insurance – Available Discounts


  • Deductible: The deductible is the part of the claim that you pay. The higher deductible that you have on your office building insurance policy the greater discount you will receive. Deductibles can range from $500 to $200,000, and oftentimes higher if you own a larger office building.


  • Sprinkler System: Wet, dry, or chemical systems all qualify for large discount


  • Central Fire/ Alarm: Fire alarms that report to a central station or monitoring service  are eligible. A certificate of service will generally suffice for adding this coverage.


  • Construction Age: The newer the office building the better rate you will receive on your office building insurance policy.


  • Construction Style: As listed  in the next section, the slower burning style of construction the less expensive the property rate will be.


Frame:  Office Buildings with exterior walls, floors, and roofs of combustible construction – or buildings with exterior walls of noncombustible or slow burning construction with combustible floors and roofs. Wood frame buildings and masonry veneer  buildings with wood frames tend to fall into the class.


Joisted Masonry: Office Buildings that have exterior walls of masonry (brick, concrete, tile, stone) or fire-restive constructions with combustible floors and roofs.


Noncombustible: Office Buildings with exterior walls, floor, and roof of noncombustible or slow-burning materials.


Masonry Noncombustible: Office Buildings with exterior walls of masonry that have noncombustible or slow-burning floors and roofs.

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