Insure Your Commercial Property  With a Carrier That Knows Every Square Foot of the Landscape


Whether you’re a commercial developer, manager or commercial property owner, navigating the complexities of commercial real estate is a challenge. Maximizing occupancy, negotiating contracts and finding the space to meet your growing customers’ demands — you run in circles for your clients. So when it comes to insuring your business and securing profits, you need straightforward coverage. With more than 100 years of experience and an “A” rating for financial strength, CNA understands how commercial real estate insurance can help your business thrive.


Our comprehensive programs include Real Estate Developers Insurance, Commercial Builders’ Risk, Shopping Center Coverage and more. CNA Insurance Company provides resources to help you avoid losses, including business continuity planning and property coverage. And if a claim arises, our dedicated claim team will work quickly so you can stay focused on your business.


What Kind of Commercial Property Insurance Do You Need?


Want to make sure you’ve got the right coverage for your business? Use this checklist as a guide to discuss your business needs with one of our commercial property insurance agents.


 Why Choose CNA?


  • Financial Strength and Stability. As an A-rated national carrier, CNA has the financial strength today’s economic environment requires.


  • Best in class claims handling. The singe point-of-entry claim reporting is available 24/7, connecting you to the information you need when you need it most.


  • Expertise you can count on. We offer many unique and flexible programs with commercial property specific coverages and have earned the endorsement of many national trade associations.


  • Dependable Commercial Property Insurance  for businesses of all sizes. For main street commercial properties to multinational commercial property holding groups, CNA has built partnerships with agents and brokers to meet the insurance needs of businesses of any size.





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