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Commercial Building Insurance Quote

We hear about insurance everyday on TV, the radio, and of course the internet. However, the ads are usually for auto & home insurance. The reason that you seldom hear about offers for a commercial building insurance quote is that it requires an experienced broker to understand your needs and offer the proper coverage.

All Brokers Are Not The Same

The brokers at Stone Creek Insurance Agency are trained with commercial property in mind. They know the correct questions to ask when obtaining property information, and are able to analyze your current policy to see potential gaps in coverage.

All Carriers Are Not The Same Either!

When it comes to commercial building insurance each carrier has coverage and underwriting options that are unique.  From blanket building ordinance coverage, to extended replacement cost on the building limit, to increased water backup limits carriers have a great deal to offer. Make sure to let your broker know that you are not only interested in competitive pricing but also great coverage options.

How To Obtain The Best Commercial Building Insurance Quote

Share as much information as possible! Brokers are on your side. The are the intermediary between you and the carrier and want to shed you in the best light possible. The more you give to your broker to work with the better. Here are a few items that will help you to obtain the best pricing when a broker is shopping your policy:

  • Copy of your current policy and/or declarations page
  • Copy of your rent roll if the commercial building is tenant occupied
  • Years of updates to the roof heating, plumbing, and electrical system if the building is over 30 years old

It can be hard to decide where to go or who to work with, why not let the brokers at Stone Creek do this for you? They will work on your behalf to shop your policy in order to find you the best combination of cost and coverage. Because they work for you they will be there for you when you have questions, in the time of a claim, and at renewal when your policy needs to be shopped again.

If you are interested in a quote click the link on the right, or call at 855.509.3707.